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Here is the original text: 前列腺高潮-1-1-乐的本质-何为极乐

Prostate Orgasm-1-1-The Nature of Joy-What is the Ultimate Joy

All living beings, bustling around, have you ever thought about the purpose of living? Maslow's fivefold theory of needs, incomparable classic, has simply explained the purpose of living, security, survival, belonging and love, respect, self-actualization, in fact, the purpose of living, not so complicated, a word can be summed up – joy, the purpose of living, is to play! The joy of safety, the joy of survival, the joy of belonging and love, the joy of being respected, the joy of self-actualization!

There are countless kinds of joy, you won the lottery today, this is the joy of acquisition, you became a national leader today, this is the joy of control, you dislike me today, this is the joy of intellectual superiority, you are cured today, this is the joy of eliminating pain, learning success this is the joy of self-satisfaction, see the family this is the joy of reunion, poop have released the joy of fluency —— and then go on to say that tomorrow is not finished. But, why is none of these pleasures the ultimate pleasure? Why?

Fan Jin won the examination, the music of high school can make people crazy, can not be said to be not strong. The music of the room can make the West official exhausted, how many emperors short-lived, how many heroes can not get around the tender home, can not be said to be strong, family reunion, crying, sobbing, outsiders are inevitably placed in it, for its joy, can not be said to be strong —— But, why these so strong music, not the ultimate happiness? The reasons are as follows!

1, the music of the upper lift, are short music! The fine distinction, at that time, high, if the top if crazy, after the passage of time, gradually tends to normal, diminishing to mediocre.

2, the joy of lifting up, are wounded music! Insanity, short-lived, weeping, great joy is a great injury, under the great joy, hormone secretion at will, heartbeat accelerated, blood rushing, heart overload, capillary burst, throughout the ages, under the great joy of death do not know how many people.

Solve its cause, the length is used to determine the maintenance of happiness, the injury is used to determine the maintenance of the person, the person lives long as the foundation, the music maintains long as the standard, and the intensity is only the attribute, the first element of the foundation, the second element of the standard, and the third element of the attribute! The trinity is the ultimate bliss! To put it simply.

Extreme happiness means that it does not hurt the body, can be maintained indefinitely, the intensity can be increased indefinitely, the happiness of no limit

So how can we achieve bliss? To answer this question, we must first understand how joy is created! In modern society, there is a more recognized view that all human sensations, judgments, thinking, analysis, emotions, feelings, etc. originate from the brain, so it is logical that the generation and intensity of music is also judged by the brain, as to whether it takes the secretion of dopamine, or secretion of other messy hormones, or bioelectric transmission through the nerves, this let the medical doctors take their time to study, not to explore. Anyway, we just need this conclusion. So what is the whole process and steps of the brain to produce and judge music?

This is actually quite understandable, are some recognized medical knowledge, certain parts of the body to receive stimulation, and then through neurotransmission feedback to the brain, the brain in making its identification, identification after making a response to the command, and then through the neurotransmission, and finally the implementation.

**This process can be simply divided into 6 parts: receive, input, discriminate, command, output, and react.