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Prostate Orgasm-1-3-The Nature of Joy-Processing Session (part 2)

  1. discrimination, after the stimulus information is transmitted to the brain, the brain for the stimulus information to make the first processing, mainly to confirm what it is (such as this is being beaten, or being raped, or a beautiful woman, etc.), how the degree (how hard to beat, how gentle to rape, how beautiful the beauty, etc.), this time the brain already knows what has happened, is pain is itch is cool, the strength of pain, itch The strength of the pain, the strength of the itch, the strength of the pleasure, and so on. In other words, the pain, itch, pleasure, and so on, have been determined at this time, no change! However, it is important to note that at this time, because the command has not been given, nothing has happened physiologically. The identification link requires attention to two points.

① the same degree of the same location (everything is the same anyway) of the stimulus, the brain to identify the degree is also likely to be different, because the human body is adaptive to stimulation, the higher the number of repetitions, the worse the stimulus effect, of course, the decreasing effect is also a limit, to a value, will be infinitely convergent, which is why people can only be more pain-resistant through exercise, and can not completely unable to feel the pain This is why people can only be more pain-resistant through exercise, but not completely unable to feel the pain, the stimulus will always exist, only the intensity of the difference.

② There is another question, that is, what is the basis for the brain to make a distinction? It is impossible to discriminate directly, there must be a basis, personally I think the basis is human instinct and past memory, is the product of the synthesis of these two, human instinct is well understood, such as pain, etc. This is written in the genes, past memory is what it means? For example, why some people find stinky tofu rare and delicious, while others find it difficult to swallow, this is a typical growth experience caused by past memories caused by the difference in discrimination. So people's past experiences, especially the very impressive memories have a great impact on discrimination, ** this conclusion is critical and will be used frequently! **

  1. instructions, in response to the conclusions drawn from the identification (what is it, what is the degree), the brain began to give instructions to respond, for example, this is the stomach was beaten, but also painful, then give the instructions to curl up the body, and at the same time there are some messy hormone secretion, muscle contraction, heartbeat accelerated, etc.. For example, this is a beautiful woman, or a very beautiful woman, that will give the blood, dopamine secretion, saliva secretion, heartbeat accelerated and so on messy instructions.

So, the same question, the brain is based on what to give instructions? The brain's instructions can not be given out of thin air, of course, the basis for giving instructions or human instincts and past memories, is the product of the combination of these two, so the human past experience, especially the very impressive memories of the instructions have a great impact on the same, at the same time, at this time, the same physiological nothing has happened, because the instructions have not been output.